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The best place to start is with what you eat!

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Hi Everyone, I’m Corey Beattie, a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. Just like a great recipe, cooking therapy has been an important ingredient in my recovery to realize my dream of becoming a Chef…


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This 5 year documentary steps into the life of a traumatic brain injury survivor and exposes the challenges and triumphs of life.


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Corey's Blog

Here are some updates!

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone, Today I will share a twist on a family favorite; French Onion Chicken. I don’t remember where we found this recipe but it’s a good one. I love French’s Onion Rings on the famous string bean casserole side dish, so I thought hey…why not try it on Chicken?...

Learning more than one way to Cook

My first blog post and recipe is inspired by my sister Caitlin. First of all, she is a great big sister. Secondly, she is my personal photographer and takes all the pictures of me and my food. She also inspired me to learn a new way of cooking. Caitlin has PCOS....

Day 154

Hi Everyone, I heard from many of you that you didn’t receive notification of the post from March 4th. We are well and still writing! I was going to reattach the entry from yesterday for those of you who didn’t receive it, but I think it was blocked because of the...

Day 107 – recap to look for progress

Hi everyone, Corey was sent for another CAT scan today. Dr. Long, her neurologist here at Bryn Mawr, reviewed the results with us. To recap, 10/2 among other injuries Corey was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. Specifically, a diffused axonal injury. This means...

Day 75 – developing mantras

Hi Everyone, Corey had a full day including another series of casting. The PT team has created bi-valves which are molded casts that can be put on and removed similar to splints. The casts will help prepare her for the braces that will be arriving soon. Corey seemed...

Day 49 – Keep focused Little Chef

Hi Everyone, Corey began her day with music, a stroll in the lobby to see the current art show display and then to PT. The therapists kept her very active today. We used her picture portfolio; she did some stretching on the mat and worked on the bolster developing...

Day 37 – We have sparks

Hi Everyone, I didn’t get to see Corey awake today. By the time I arrived she was fast asleep. Looking at her therapy schedule I understand why! She had PT for 2-½ hrs, OT for 1 ½ hrs and Speech for 1 hour. This kid is workin’ hard! I have noticed a few new things as...

Day 35 – Acute care rehab

There was no rest for the weary at the Rehab! Corey started her therapy at 8am this morning, finishing up at 2:30. In PT she worked on the tilt table, bolster and large mat. OT tortured her with ice gloves and tried to get her to focus on pictures of the senior girls...

Day 16 am – ICU

Hi everyone, Sorry to miss the evening post! It was a late night and by the time our day was done, so was the author 🙂 Yesterday and today, we come into Corey's room and she's sitting in her recliner with her IPOD is blasting! The nurses love the Glee soundtrack she...