Good morning everyone,

Prayers please,

Yesterday, Corey had a 4.5 hour evaluation at University of Delaware. She did an amazing job physically and with her dexterity test. I watched her try movements with her left hand neither of us knew she could do! I was incredibily proud of her determination. At one point, she was trying to pick up a paperclip with her left thumb and pointer finger. When Devina asked if she wanted to switch to her right hand, she said, “no, I don’t want to give up yet”. She couldn’t complete the task but turned to me and said, “mom, we have to practice this at home”.

Here’s where the prayers come in…
She did not pass the cognitive testing. This is a funded research study so there is stringent protocol on acceptance for their participants. It is a culmination of Physical and Cognitive scores. Devina and Dr. Galloway are reviewing the protocol and will see if there are additional tests that will enable Corey to pass the minimum standards for cognition. She passed the physical. To speak to corey, she can answer questions that verbally describe the written task at hand. To read, recite and remember the “standardized” questions, disclosed there are still connections that need to be strengthened. Devina and Dr. Galloway both want her in this program and will be scouring their guidelines for her.

We are going to begin the home monitoring piece just in case, but we need prayers today to find a way for Corey to retake and/or adjust the testing within parameters.

In the meantime, she heads to the orthopedic and botox doctor appointments for today’s agenda.
I will write later to update you all.
Thank you for your continued friendship, love and support…but most especially for your prayers and positive energy to help us!!
PS, pray for me too….I’m back in ‘prepare for the worst” strategy mode. This marathon takes it’s toll. I feel like I’m at mile 15 somedays and I haven’t passed any runners yet…am I on the right trail?