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6yrs; Day 2266 – My birthday gift

Hi Everyone, It's my birthday. My gift is Corey being accepted back into Bryn Mawr's Day Treatment program. Corey started this week. That being said, the insurance world hasn't changed. She was approved for 8 visits. Sadly, last weeks evaluations counted for 2 visits!...

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6yrs; Day 2244 – from Corey

Hi Everyone, We wanted to check in. First and foremost, we are very thankful for all of you. We can't begin to tell you what a comfort it is to sign on and know there is a carepage family we can visit. Your continued friendship, encouragement and prayers is our...

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6yrs; Day 2239 – 70% loss of function

Hi Everyone, The last few days have been really rough. Corey’s had a bad headache which is what the average person would feel after a concussion. She (as we know) is not the average person! She lost her ability to walk. Her knees buckled with each step. We went back...

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6yrs; 1 month – 911 call; back to square one

Hi everyone Life changes in a second, Corey came down in the chairlift to start our day. Instead of waiting for me, she tried to stand and walk by herself. She fell and lost consciousness. It was a terrifying experience. Corey stood off the chairlift without me. She...

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6 Years

October 2, 2016 – 6 years The anniversary date always brings a flood of emotions. That’s not to say that everyday living with TBI doesn’t stimulate flashbacks as well as moments of joy and grief. The funny thing about surviving and living with TBI are the emotions...

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5yrs; 11 months – Transitions

Hi Everyone, Most people think of January 1st as their New Year, not me. I have always thought of Labor Day weekend as the transition date for our families New Year. Summer was officially over and our new year began with new schools, new classes, new friends, new...

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5yrs; Day 2154 – Corey on 6ABC Philadelphia

Hi everyone, For those of you that may not have seen the piece on Corey and harness house; thank you 6ABC and Ali Gorman for telling our story. Please share...this system...

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5yrs; 10 Months – Vegas and Gordon Ramsay

Good morning Everyone, When I sign on to write a carepage, our last post is listed. Where did the last month go?! We have been very busy and have many new firsts - too many to post at once, so you can look forward to more frequent notes from us this month. To begin we...

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