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3yrs; Day 1116 – presentation LIVING with TBI

Hi Everyone, It's Marie and Corey We have been busy rehearsing. What are we up to now you ask? Tomorrow we will be the In-Service guest speakers for the Brain Injury staff of Bryn Mawr Rehab. Some might say that this is providential because 3 years ago today we moved...

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3yrs; Day 1107 – Corey’s 21!

Hi Everyone, We all love to celebrate special days ~ holiday’s, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. These among many others are days of remembrance. They are special because we take time to celebrate and enjoy life with the people we love. Today is Corey’s 21st...

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3yrs; Day 1114 – from Corey

Hi Everyone, We've had a roller coaster weekend with Corrine but Corey has been doing well with her journaling. We learn so much utilizing this medium. It has proven itself to be an invaluable resource! Despite our challenges, she had a new first yesterday. Corey...

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3yrs; Day 1144 – from Corey; aqua video

Hi Everyone, Thank you for the wonderful feedback on Corey’s latest video. We were in the pool today and shot another! That’s right…a new first. Corey started water therapy 15 weeks ago. You've seen a few water videos including a few with assisted walking. Today Corey...

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3yrs; Day 1111 – from Corey

Hi Everyone, today was a big day! my van is officially sold. my van was very important to me and my family but it was basically a crutch holding me back from getting better. now i can keep moving forward. my next step will be driving after i am walking all by myself....

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3yrs; Day 1110 – some highlights

Hi Everyone, I know when we're "quiet" you all worry. It was a busy weekend hosting Corey's Birthday and then we jumped right back into the usual schedule. Whenever she participates in an eventful weekend, she tends to have what we call the "event hangover" (not...

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3yrs; Day 1104 – from Corey

hi everyone once again its corey and today was a very big day for me. first of all i improved on my timed walking with natalie. and i tested climbing up and down a flight of stairs., and had to go on the mat to show Natalie just how high i could kick oh and i went on...

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3yrs; Day 1103 – from Corey

hi everyone its corey most people try but take a lot of things for granted. i try and mostly succeed at taking nothing for granted and i don't take anything personally; i don't see what good that will do you if you do. so basically i am here just as me. i have already...

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3yrs; Day 1102 – Aqua Therapy

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” - Muhammed Ali Hi Everyone, Today Corey won another round. In fact, she won 9...laps that is. Paul, her aqua coach has been unable to join us in the...

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