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5yrs; Day 1892 – dedicated to my mom

Today's post is dedicated to my mom. She passed away 10 years ago on December 6th and today would have been her 90th birthday. For those of you who didn't know her, she was a very special woman. Strong, Intelligent, Funny and Caring. There's a great poem entitled...

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5yrs; 2 months – BIG update

Hi Everyone, We have a good update for you today, not because everything is going smoothly or for the fact that Corey suddenly had a full recovery. It’s because we continue to work very hard to focus on finding a positive for every negative. We’re not turning into...

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5yrs; Day 1874 – GoBabyGo Cafe

Hi Everyone, Devina thought this would be orientation week. She had no idea just how serious Corey is about working in a culinary environment! Day 2 was another success. The greatest comment came from Dr. Cole Galloway to Caitlin as they watched Corey restocking forks...

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5yrs; Day 1873 – 1st day at GoBabyGo Cafe

Hi Everyone, Corey passed her cognitive test with a score of 15! she qualified and Yesterday was her first day working in the GoBabyGo Cafe at the University of Delaware. We arrived early. Corey insisted on walking in from the parking lot (approximately 350 feet). As...

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5yrs; Day 1847 – GoBabyGo Cafe

Hi Everyone, If anyone felt a strong breeze pass over them yesterday, I’m sure it was from the monumental exhale of my sigh of relief! Good news…no GREAT news! Remember the saying, “When one door closes another door opens”? The last 10 days in the “hallway of...

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5yrs; Day 1836 – visiting first responders

Hi Everyone, Today’s inspiration came from a paragraph in the Lands End catalog. Gratitude – There are times when thank you is mostly said as a common courtesy. When someone holds open a door or says bless you when you sneeze. And then there are the times when...

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5yrs; Day 1835 – IRB said yes!

Good morning everyone, I thought I'd join you for our morning cup of coffee. It's going to be a busy day and it's going to get busier. Today is our weekly appointment with Dr. A in philly and then we drive out to Malvern. Not to Bryn Mawr but to a gym that has...

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5yrs; Day 1831 – God, is it time yet?

Hi Everyone, I was once told by a good friend of mine, "sometimes life's lessons are repeated because the person that's supposed to learn from them needs practice until they 'get it'"...I'm guessing my lesson is practicing patience...God...You are a brilliant teacher....

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