Hi everyone,
As usual we will start with the non-medical highlights because they are much more fun to talk about!
Today was Homecoming for Avon Grove High School. The senior shirt is a TyDy cobalt blue. Corey’s girlfriends went shopping for new scarves on Friday to add to her collection. Among several they found a cobalt blue zebra stripe. When we came in this morning, the nurses knowing the above, had her senior shirt and new scarf on so she could be apart of the day. What they didn’t know was the senior float was Toy Story 3 theme and Corey was supposed to be Barbie. We even found a Barbie handbag at Costco that she was going to wear with her costume.

Chris Matsanka (Corey’s VP) arrived in the afternoon to tell her about the day.
Chris was holding Corey’s hand as he explained the events of the day and that the Senior Float won 1st place, Corey squeezed his hand and a couple of tears appeared. Our conversation continued and we were talking about the senior sayings that were painted in the senior hallway (Corey had two sayings she entered and won) and she squeezed his hand a second time!

We can tell when Corey’s awake because her heart rate increases. Yesterday we mentioned her opening her left eye. Today she opened it a bit more than peaking, about ½ way. We also noticed today that she appears to be “tracking” us. Her eye is following the voice on either side of her! Her right eye is now trying to open also.

She had blood drawn tonight and really didn’t like that! It was difficult to find her vein. Her arms and hands are still a little swollen. Her heart rate soared and bells/whistles were going off…she was not happy! I went to her head and as I kissed her I hummed a lullaby we used when we would rock her as a baby. She settled down and maintained her heart rate as the tech got her sample.
These have been wonderful signs that she is responding to us!

Clinically, her fever was back up tonight 103. The bacteria results came back from her lungs and it was identified as the flu which would explain the fever over the last few days.
She is cleared for surgery to repair her femur early next week but we don’t have a date yet.

The Doctors tell us that Corey’s responses over the next 4 weeks will dictate the path of her recovery. We’re not supposed to get overly excited about these responses but everyone is saying these are very good signs. Corey has her permit. We give her permission now to ignore the stop and detour signs…only thru traffic for her!