Hi Everyone, We’re on a roll!

Corey had quite a workout today. She had 3 ½ hrs of PT, 1 ½ hrs of OT and Speech for 1 hr. Corey was sitting in her wheelchair when I arrived. She was awake and making eye contact with me. Did I mention how great that is? I love those beautiful blue eyes!
The first thing I noticed was a speaking valve in her trach! The team is beginning to work on her “verbal” responses. At the moment it’s just grunts and moaning but that’s okay. She’s beginning to vocalize. This is a great sign.

We were chatting about her day when she began moving her mouth muscles. It resembles the sucking motion babies make. (We used to call it the “binky mouth”) I would ask her questions and she looked like she was trying to respond. She was focused when I threw in another “test”…”Corey, squeeze my hand”…She DID! She responded to the command! Of course the doubting Thomas that I am, I had to try it again. She squeezed a bit harder for the second request! I know she wanted to say, “SEE, I am listening mom”!

As we continued chatting about our day, Corey lifted her head away from the headrest while lifting her right shoulder as if she wanted to get up and out of the chair. I was so surprised and then panicked that she was going to fall out before I realized she had her seat belts on. Then I was ecstatic! We all know she wanted to get up and go back to the gym! Her motion of lifting her head and shoulder is another great sign. Control of her head, neck and trunk muscles is one of the team’s first goals. It’s obvious she’s ready to show them it’s just the start!
Funny note;
Corey’s boss from the Candy Shop came to visit tonight. When we shared that Corey was trying to get out of her wheelchair, she responded with, “It’s about time! Time to get back to work Corey, we’re shorthanded and tired of covering your shifts!” She’ll be dipping apples and pretzels before we know it!

She was exhausted tonight but it’s well deserved. Sleep well Corey, Happy Dreams. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! xoxo