Hi Everyone,

What a week! This roller coaster ride has the most interesting twists and turns we’ve ever experienced. It looks like our girl not only wants to ride, she’s picked the front car and has her hands up!

This morning she had speech therapy. I happen to be in early for a meeting with the staff and observed some of their techniques. One technique for sensory stimulation was to place an iced glove on Corey’s cheek. She responded appropriately, she moved her head and pulled away from the glove. A very good sign!

The therapist started to ask about Corey’s interests. She wanted to know about JohnPaul and Caitlin, Roxie (our dog) and Amelia (our cat – the one Corey tricked me into getting) They asked about school, college plans and the collages that hang in her room. We started to discuss cheering when “No Shave November” came up. As I started to share the story with them, Corey began moving her arms and her leg! The therapists said that this is the reason they invite families in. Often times the patients will react to the family members sharing memories and stories. Corey certainly did! We’re guessing she was trying to add the part where her coach Chris will be shaving his head and her Uncle Tom will be shaving his legs for the highest bidder! There is no way she’s letting them out of this fundraiser!

Tonight JohnPaul and John stayed with Corey. Normally when John and I are with Corey at the end of the day, she’s exhausted and often falls asleep before 7pm. Not tonight! She was awake the entire visit with JohnPaul. She had her eyes open, squeezing hands, grinding her teeth and making her mouth motions. Obviously her brother is much more entertaining than Mom and Dad!

Thank you again for all your prayers, love and support. You keep us strong and hopeful!
Love The Beattie’s