Hi Everyone,

Our little pumpkin had quite a workout today. She had PT this morning and was back on the bolster. After the gym, she had Speech Therapy. The therapist brought in a Popsicle. We tried to entice Corey to open her mouth. She did click her teeth together but didn’t open her mouth. Guess we need to keep trying different flavors?

Corey’s sister Caitlin is majoring in photography at college. Caitlin took the most beautiful close up of Amelia, Corey’s cat. We used the photograph to try to get Corey to respond to a visual stimulus. The therapist had me hold the photo so she could see both of us. She began moving her arms and then I asked her if she wanted to cuddle with Amelia. She reached out for the photograph and tried to lift her shoulders off the back of the wheelchair. It was her first reach response!

We also managed to make it out twice to the goose pond today. Her big day wore her out! She’s been sleeping since 5pm today.

Corey is working so hard. We are so proud of her. She is sleeping soundly resting up for a new day. Happy dreams Corey, God bless you! xoxo