Hi Everyone,

The nurses have done an amazing job educating us on Corey’s clinical needs, as well as what she will be going through emotionally. Today was evidence of their lessons. Her field trip Friday and busy therapy day yesterday took a toll on her. Thankfully they didn’t schedule any therapy today because the poor thing needed the day to rest, relax and sleep. Her behavior today is typical of too much stimulation. This is why the Rehab has such strict workout regiments balanced with their visitation rules. As the caregivers, we now see how it affects her.

Although she was tired, she had a good day. We were chatting, reading Matilda and then ended the evening with her shower. That’s all she needed and promptly conked out!

There is something new to report! Tonight as we were bathing her, she took 2 deep breaths and vocalized a sigh each time! The nurse and I surprised, looked at each other and then looked at Corey. I quickly asked, ‘you heard that right? That was a sound, right’? She confirmed it was! It’s little but VERY exciting!

Another humorous event; Earlier in the day we were sitting with Corey when all of a sudden she coughed really hard and blew the cap off her Trach! It was like a cork coming off of a champagne bottle! It literally shot across the length of the bed and crossed the room. This not only happened once, it happened three times! We were startled then cracked up wondering whom she was aiming for? And you guys think we’re not having fun here…

PS – Avon Grove friends, Cheering friends, Hidden Pond Friends, Corey’s Aunts, Uncles and cousins…Looking for pictures as soon as you can get them to us. The therapist and staff have fallen in love with Corey (no surprise) and they love the crazy stories we’re sharing about her family and friends. They use “celebrity pictures” as part of the recognition awareness techniques. They think it’s great that Corey is developing her own “Celebrity Portfolio”…it’s all of you!

Sleep well Corey. Tomorrow is another busy day.
…You have to perfect the aim of the cap rocket!
Happy dreams, xoxo