Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. Her casts were changed today. The therapists see that the stretch she’s getting with the casting is definitely helping her feet. The report is continued improvement with her range of motion. Her stomach seems to be a little better. She is still having discomfort with some of the medications. Corey is tiny and unfortunately her stomach is sensitive.

The nurses will begin to trend her tonight towards the trach removal. Everyone is very encouraged that she will do well and it could be removed this Wednesday, Friday at the latest! We are really looking forward to that. We know she’s going to be much more comfortable. It will also give the speech team an opportunity to work on her vocalization development.

She was very alert today. Letters and Pictures from her friends continue to come in. Today we received one from “her Christy”. We held Christy’s picture as we read her letter aloud. Corey maintained her focus on the picture and was grinding her teeth as we read. Yes, I did write “grinding” her teeth. (Our dentist is going to have a field day with her when she is able to get back there, but this is a way that she is communicating…we think!) I’m sure she loved hearing the gossip from Christy and we definitely saw a reaction from Corey to her picture.

We know how anxious all of Corey’s friends are to come and visit. She’s almost ready gang. We will definitely let you know when…we’d better warn the staff when we give the “all clear”! In the meantime, please send us large pictures with letters for Corey. Talk to her just as you would in class or on the phone (aka texting) we promise that any gossip will not be repeated by the narrators! Corey’s room is like Vegas, what’s read aloud there, stays there!

To all of you (including the 6th graders in Vermont) thank you for your notes on Corey’s Care page. We read your notes so Corey will know how many people are cheering for her. JohnPaul texted tonight; he was at a Chinese restaurant and found a fortune that we thought would be appropriate for all of us. It read, “Just to be alive is a grand thing”. Corey’s nurses and doctors tell us that we have to wait and see what strides she will take in her recovery. But the starting point and most important point is she’s alive, young, healthy and getting stronger. That is a Grand Thing!

All our love, the Beattie’s xoxo