Our first Thanksgiving blessing…Corey’s trach was removed today! It was wonderful to come in tonight and see her resting and breathing comfortably. The day of therapy and the trach removal wore her out. She was asleep for the better part of the night. This is not a bad thing. As we’ve said, sleep is an important part of her healing process.

Corey was awake intermittently. We used my laptop to Skype Mark, my nephew, Dawn his wife and their two boys, Jack and Evan. Corey was dozing in and out but each time the kids got on the screen and chatted with Corey, she opened her eyes and looked at the laptop screen. It gave us such joy to see her react to the boys! She just loves the baby cousins!

Corey was sleeping when Caitlin and I left tonight. Tomorrow we will spend the day with Corey at the rehab and then come home to have dinner. We are expecting friends and neighbors to join us tomorrow night at home. We are so thankful to be celebrating the day with Corey, our neighbors and friends. It’s been 53 days since the accident and 33 days since we’ve been at the rehab. When I think of where we were October 2nd to where we are today, it doesn’t seem real. Think of all that she has overcome and fought through. We are so proud of Corey. What an amazing woman she is. Strong, tenacious, courageous, determined and inspiring. She is present and working so hard to come back to us. This holiday we are thankful for her strong will, persistence and motivation.

We know you are resting more comfortably tonight Miss Corey. You’ll be chatting with us soon sweetie. Happy Dreams, we love you so much! xoxo