Hi Everyone,

Today was filled with stories and memories for Corey and me. She was alert all day and loved the stories from the Care for Corey Event. I told her about the Ice Cream Social/Dance Party in the afternoon. Stacy, our DJ, played many of the songs that reminded me of the cheering competitions Corey was in. Corey and I chatted about all those events too. The girls from all the competing teams would wait on the competition floor as the judges would deliberate and tally the scores. As they waited, they would have a dance party. It was great to see the girls from ages 3 to 18 dancing together. Some of their dance moves were better than the floor routines!

We also talked about all the friends that came to the Beef & Beer. There was dancing there too! I admitted I went out on the floor a few times. If Corey could roll her eyes, I think she would have. I’m not a bad dancer until they play the songs meant for line dancing. She knows how well I can line dance; just picture Lucille Ball and you’ll have a good visual.

Our memories continue with a Thanksgiving classic. Together, we are watching The Wizard of Oz as I type tonight’s page. When Corey was in 2nd grade, Avon Grove High School opened their production of this classic story to include the districts elementary age children as the Munchkins. Corey was chosen among many from Penn London’s group of children.
Each Munchkin was responsible for creating their costume (that meant the parents had creative input). I had never sewn clothes prior to this performance. Corey and I went shopping for patterns and fabric. She chose a fabric that was purple with yellow pansies. It included an apron that was an overlay. We also found a purple petal headband as her headdress. I’m happy to say, I learned how to sew her dress/apron and she looked adorable. She had so much fun at the rehearsals and during the production. I can’t help but smile as I remember her performance. PS – I’ve never sewn another garment since that time.

Last night a friend of mine asked me about Corey’s progress and her responses. I shared with her that this experience reminds me of when she was a baby. We used to hold her and talk to her. She would look directly at us and we knew she was listening but often thought, ‘what do you understand’? We would wait for that first word, first smile, and first laugh. We waited for her to sit up and take her first steps. It’s very much the same today. Each day we wait with the same sense of excited wonder.

Corey (we know, that you know) you’re not in Kansas anymore, but we hope that your dream is as beautiful and magical as Oz must be. We also want you to know that we all can’t wait for you to click your heels and come home! Happy Dreams Munchkin. We love you! xoxo