Hi Everyone,

This daily journal is an expression of our experience, the struggles and the triumphs. This morning was a struggle. It was the first day without friends or family surrounding us after a wonderful long weekend. It’s Monday, back to work and the “real world”. On mornings like this, I go to my daily readings to inspire and motivate me to get up and out. This morning I read from several sources and the following reflects the message that helped me begin my day.

I can live with love, joy and receive fulfillment only by choosing to live in today.
Even though the circumstances of today are not what I would choose, today has a reason.
I won’t find these gifts in isolation. I need others to learn from, laugh with and share my day.
The reason will reveal itself.

The day was filled with the usual challenges and I arrived to see Corey by 4:00. She had Speech Therapy first thing this morning and continued with a busy day at PT and OT. Corey was worn out and very sleepy. After a nice rest, she woke up about 6:20. Her eyes were wide open and she was definitely looking at me. She was grinding her teeth (for some of the nurses this is like nails on a chalkboard) I asked her to stop grinding and if she wanted to talk, open her mouth! I then opened my mouth and said, “Ahhh”. I repeated the request showing her by example so she would mimic me. To my surprise, SHE DID! I was so excited; I jumped on the opportunity to ask her to show me again. “Ahhh”, she began grinding her teeth, moving her jaw and then opened her mouth again! I was amazed. “Corey, I’m so proud of you honey! You did it! This is how it starts”. “Honey, show me you understand. Close your eyes tight to tell me you understand”. SHE DID! I rang the Nurses Call button to get a witness!

Pat came in. I was sitting to Corey’s right (her favored side) Pat was standing to Corey’s left. Pat asked Corey to turn her head and show her how she can open her mouth. Corey turned her head a full rotation to Pat and opened her mouth! She then turned her head back to the right and looked right at me. We all were elated!

Corey revealed the reason for today. I look at this morning and know it’s natural to struggle, question your faith and loose stamina when life challenges us, especially when the challenge has no parameters or sense of closure. Throughout the day, I had the opportunity to be with colleagues who kept my heart and my mind open to what their relationships have to offer, today was joy and laughter between us. What I learned tonight from my daughter was to keep pushing, especially when it gets hard.

Corey you are the reason for today…and tomorrow! xoxo