Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day in the ICU. We thought she was going to move to the step down unit but there wasn’t an open bed. Secretly, the nurses were thrilled because they love taking care of her. We’ve even heard that they’re fighting over who gets her!

The neurosurgeon hasn’t confirmed if the surgery will be moved up from Friday to Thursday. Regardless, if everything goes well, she will be in Christiana for 48 hours after the surgery before the transfer back to the rehab. Her surgeon has also decided to tie off the shunt rather than remove it. Leaving the shunt in after the surgery is a safety measure. God forbid Corey is not managing her cervical fluid or if she should have some difficulty or post surgical swelling, having the shunt in place will ensure that they can “turn it on” if they have to. It’s less invasive to remove the shunt than to put it in. Win/Win for Corey!

Many of you know that my mother passed away 5 years ago yesterday. Today would have been her 85th birthday. I have been thinking of Mom everyday since Corey’s accident but especially the last two days.
I miss her very much but it’s not a sad feeling. For those of you who knew mom, she was amazing. She had a great sense of humor! She was intelligent, compassionate, spiritual and wise. I had the privilege to spend a lot of time with her, especially in her last year. Many nights I slept in the hospital room with her. We would stay up and talk all night long. I learned so much as I listened to her talk about how she was handling her illness and listening to her speak with her roommates about their experience.

I draw on those conversations when I feel fear, worry and despair. Mom once said, “It’s not the challenge you face, its how you face the challenge that matters”.

I was sharing with my sister that I don’t really feel Mom coming to be with me during this, rather I feel like she’s a part of me. I lean on her words and the lessons she’s taught me. Ironically, today’s daily reading and a note from a dear friend reminded me of one of Mom’s many lessons.

You are right where you should be at this moment. It’s up to you to choose the direction you’ll take to move forward.

There are so many times I worry about the decisions I make. Were they the right choices? Have I chosen the wrong direction? Mom assured me that decisions were just the catalyst. The successes and/or consequences of those decisions were the foundation for lessons learned and personal growth. If we gain knowledge from a choice we’ve made how can it be the wrong decision?

I believe Corey has made her decision to fight and survive this. Her decision has chosen our direction to learn everything we can about her brain injury. We will train ourselves to assist in her physical and emotional recovery. Strength and growth are just two of the lessons learned here. How can that be anything but great!
Corey, we’re moving forward together honey. You lead, we will follow. As another friend quoted from a cheerleader site, ‘A cheerleader is a dreamer that never gives up’…that’s you kiddo. We’re your base and back and you’re going to fly! xoxo