Hi Everyone,

I arrived a bit later than normal this evening to find Corey fast asleep. Her day nurse reported she had a good day. She was alert and comfortable, her vitals have been stable and she’s doing well.

The neurosurgeon took an interesting xray today of Corey’s neck. The medical tests and surgical techniques continue to amaze me! They used a machine called a Fluroscope (Please note; parent pre-med doesn’t require accurate spelling of medical vocabulary).
The procedure is to remove the cervical collar. The doctor stabilizes Corey’s head. He then moves it forward and down so her chin touches her chest in a “flex” position. Then the doctor moves her head up towards the ceiling in an “extension” position. As this motion occurs, the camera shoots “live” film to see how the C1 is responding to the motion. The films will be developed by tomorrow and if the neck looks stable, the collar will be removed! Tonight we should say a prayer of thanks for whomever thought of this machine!

Corey was dozing in and out during my visit, but it seemed that when I would turn away her eyes were wide open! “Hello Bright Eyes” I’d say with a smile. Corey’s eyes were clear, midline and focused. She and I began to chat about Roxie, Amelia, her friends letters but then she’d doze off again. I’m sure it’s not from boredom, there has been some “good dirt” in those notes from Avon Grove! (Don’t even ask me what it is, I took an oath of silence)

Tonight, Corey’s night nurse is Ashley. You might recall a post just before Corey’s 18th birthday about the nurse that wouldn’t be working on her special day. So she decorated her room with streamers and balloons to celebrate her “Almost Birthday”. That woman was Ashley! She was so excited to be assigned to Corey’s room tonight. She is planning a spa night with Corey. Ashley loves to sing. She turns on Disney’s Princess Song Collection and “rocks out” during bath time. She and Corey will be singing and dancing all night. Once again, Corey’s room is the party room!

As you can imagine, I haven’t had a great deal of sleep the last few months. I decided to leave the hospital early, kissed Corey goodnight and came home. Not that joining the girls spa night didn’t sound tempting! However, my bed is much more comfortable than the ICU waiting room chairs and I could hear it calling! On my drive home, I was speaking with my niece, Katie. I was sharing that I hope this week without therapy isn’t going to be a set back for Corey. Katie reminded me that rest is part of the healing process. “Maybe Corey needed this week to rejuvenate before the surgery so her return to rehab will accelerate the progress she’s already begun”. This conversation is exactly why I reach out to chat with friends and family. I hadn’t thought of this perspective but it makes perfect sense.

Our bodies, mind and spirit benefit from the restful times. My son, JohnPaul (a music composer) will tell you that the silence between the notes is just as important as the sound of the instruments. For Corey, just because she’s not engaged in focused activities doesn’t mean she’s not moving forward. For me, I will stop running, forget my worries and anxieties and not feel guilty about it!

I hope you enjoyed your time with Ashley tonight Corey. She is just one of the many people that love to hang out with you! Happy dreams honey, sleep well. xoxo