Hi Everyone,

I did not spend the day with Corey today. I had to meet the elves at the workshop because we mailed the kids Christmas lists too late; they had a few questions about some of the items. I’m still trying to figure out why all you people are shopping so early for Christmas when I’m still waiting for Halloween!

A good friend of mine told me that when we pray, we should be specific for what we are asking for. There are 842 people on this Care Page. We have been told that there are thousands more out there that are unsubscribed but are also praying with us. Tonight there is a call out to all of you!

Corey’s physical injuries, her neck, femur, pelvis and clavicle fractures are healed. Even the HO is stable. However, the injury to her brain, as you know, is very serious. We know that the brain takes a long time to heal especially from her type of injury; that being said, the medical staff looks for signs of cognitive awareness. The progress we share about Corey getting stronger is wonderful but mostly refers to her physical being. We are waiting to see what happens with her brain recovery.

Although it’s “only” been 77 days since the accident, the medical staff is looking for more cognitive awareness. Yes, she’s opening her eyes. Yes, she appears to be aware of our presence. Yes, she does seem to react to the kids and those she is closest too. But…I hate but’s…they are looking for her to follow commands and at this point, her long blinks are not consistent enough to qualify. Consistency is the key word here.

It’s Christmas. This is a special time for prayers and miracles.
So the call to all prayer warriors is be specific; please pray for Corey to show cognitive awareness. Please pray for spontaneous movement of all her limbs. Please pray she begins to vocalize. Please pray for that Corey will raise a “thumbs up” and let her be fresh with “stick out your tongue”. Please pray for consistency and her continued strength everyday so her movement will become deliberate.

To ask for directed prayers does not mean we’ve given up! It means we need extra help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness or fear. It strengthens us to keep moving forward! If we were meant to be on our own, we’d all be on an island talking to a soccer ball named Wilson! Since there’s no palm trees with coconuts outside Corey’s window, we’ll throw the life preserver out there to all the Angels we call friends and family! Let’s have one voice for Corey.

Thank You! Love, the Beattie’s xoxo