Hi Everyone,

TGIF! Corey had a full day. A few therapists wrote that they are beginning to hear humming/moaning during the transfers. We heard a few this evening too.

We don’t have any new movements to report but Corey did open her mouth for me to brush her teeth, even the inside! I also want to share that I’m beginning to see Corey’s face and eyes “softening”. Normally, Corey is expressionless and has a blank stare. Recently her face looks more relaxed, more like her old self at times. When I recognize this, especially in her eyes, we chat. I feel like she’s really present with me.
I asked Corey to give me long blinks to answer yes. I asked her if she was trying to talk to us and if she was frustrated that we couldn’t hear her. She gave me a very long blink and held it. I empathized with her frustrations, but assured her she’s doing an amazing job. Her voice will get stronger and soon we will hear all her words. I reminded her of all the ways she is communicating with us without her voice. Her eyes moving to follow us, her leg kicking, opening her mouth and each time she responds to a command she speaks clearly and we do hear her.

Corey we can only imagine how frustrating it is for you. You are doing a great job. You keep speaking with your actions. One day the sound will follow and we’ll all be screaming joyfully with you! Happy dreams honey, it’s coming…xoxo