Hi Everyone,

Corey had a hard workout in the gym today! She had PT/OT today.
Natalie and Amanda didn’t try to push any command responses in their sessions. Instead, in addition to stretching and core muscle strengthening, they both focused on Corey’s visual tracking. They worked on the mat sitting upright trying some new techniques and exercises.
Normally when the therapists test Corey’s visual tracking, they hold an object in front of her and slowly move it to one side asking Corey to move her eyes only to follow the image. Natalie switched it up today and tried reverse tracking. We placed a full length mirror in front of Corey. When she fixated on her reflection we asked Corey to hold the eye contact. As she did, Natalie turned her head to see if she could maintain the gaze. It was a very interesting approach to test her cognitive response. Corey seemed to hold her midline position and even crossed to the left more readily with this technique. Both her PT and OT sessions were very strenuous but Corey did extremely well. Corey was more fluent with her eyes to midline and crossing to the left. Overall, she seemed more relaxed, alert and engaged in both her sessions.

Corey continues to show discomfort between 4-8pm. She is beginning to moan with each stretch as she tries to communicate with us. She cried twice tonight. It’s upsetting to watch but it’s really a good response. Even the display of her discomfort is a positive sign. It often forces a moan and that’s what we want, communication!

To give Corey a distraction, I put on the world’s worst movie but truly one of her favorites; Mamma Mia! She did settle down and seemed to enjoy it. There were moments I swear she was truly watching it. At one point, I thought I saw a little smile.

Corey, you had a full day today. You did a great job working with Natalie and Amanda. It’s impressive to watch your concentration and then witness your responses. It’s amazing to see you holding your head independently for longer periods of time. Watching you in the gym I think of where you were and I’m astounded by where you are now. It may not seem tremendous to you, but it is Corey. Someday you will see it, too.

Tonight, as you felt better you seemed more content than you have in the last few weeks. There was a peace within you that I could feel within me. You didn’t need any words. Your eyes had a familiar clarity. I could feel you reaching out and connecting. When I watched you fighting to close your eyes it reminded me of when you were little. You would be so tired but fought to stay awake because you didn’t want to miss a minute of what was going on around you. It’s time to close those eyes. You worked hard today and deserve the accolades of the therapists. We all are very excited to see each new achievement! Wonder what tomorrow will bring? Happy dreams honey, xoxo