Hi Everyone,

Insurance granted one more week…BUT…next week, if Bryn Mawr is requesting further rehab time they must submit additional clinical information WHY another rehabilitation facility is not able to provide therapy for Corey. It’s going to be challenging, but we are hoping that the team will do their best to be creative and come up with reasonable answers. If not, we will be denied and then we can appeal. The appeal process doesn’t mean we can stay until the allotted 3 appeals are filed and heard.

Dr. Long is a busy man and we still have not caught him to discuss the shunt, ventricles or settings. We did receive a report that there is one more setting needed, with a follow up CT a week after the adjustment.

The Medical Director for Blue Cross, as well as Dr. Long, has no idea how tenacious I can be! The weight I’ve lost has me at a leaner “fightin’ weight”…I’m ready!

Speaking of fighting weight; Miss Corey was kicking up a storm tonight. She was sitting in her wheelchair. Laura came in to get her ready for bed. My favorite time of day is when we can take her foot braces off for the night. The second she hears the Velcro tear she starts pulling out of her boot. Once she’s free, it’s constant motion.

Laura and I were laughing at the right foot “showing off” but we were trying to get Corey to move the left toes as a command response. Keep in mind, the right was wiggling and dancing with each request! After several requests of the left (without response) Corey lifted her right leg up about two feet, crossed the left leg, held her leg straight in front of me and just wiggled the right toes! Laura and I were hysterical! It was as if she was saying, “Helloooo, what do you think I’m doing with this foot?”

Good job Corey but we’ve got to get those left toes moving! Laura was able to catch her moving target and wouldn’t allow Corey’s right leg to be released. We asked Corey again to “wiggle your left toes”. After a minute, she wiggled ALL her toes on the left foot, especially the big toe! We were thrilled! We continued and she not only wiggled the toes repeatedly, she attempted to move the left foot! See what happens when you can catch the Tiger by the tail!

Corey you are a piece of work! Keep fighting and keep kicking because you keep us on our toes. Now that we’ve figured out how to lasso that right foot, we can start all new homework assignments for the left. I can feel you rolling your eyes. Remember what we’re working towards? Dancing at Kerri and Brendan’s wedding! Happy kicks kiddo, xoxo