Hi Everyone,

We’re not sure what kind of day Corey had, but we do know that there was some sort of evaluation. Her roommate and a few other patients told us that Corey was in the gym with a circle of doctors, nurses and therapists around her. Sounds to me like she was being evaluated. Tomorrow is the team meeting and Wednesday is the next call in day to the insurance. Let’s hope she was showing off for everyone! I find it heartwarming that not only the staff here at Bryn Mawr is routing Corey on, but the other patients and family members are as well. This girl touches every one she meets!

Tonight was a relaxing visit. Corey is starting to spontaneously move her right hand and arm. It makes me smile to suddenly be caught off guard and see her moving independently.

I have an early day in Philly tomorrow morning, so I decided to come in and stay with Caitlin and her roommate so I wouldn’t have to battle the early morning commute. For those of you who know Caitlin its no surprise that we’ve been laughing and telling stories all night.

I think I’ve finally convinced Caitlin to participate in Open Mic Night at Helium Comedy Club. She could do an entire routine on her regular customers at Wawa. Caitlin works in center city and her “regulars” primarily live in the local cardboard community within walking distance of her convenience store. She has a variety of accents she uses to interpret each of her favorites. Stay tuned for the date of her opening night. Helium is going to have to book her for a weekend with the turnout of fans that will come to see her! I’m sure it will be standing room only.

There’s nothing like a girl’s sleepover! Corey, Caitlin told me so many stories of the sleepovers you two had. She remembers giggling for hours. The two of you will be pulling all nighters again someday soon honey. Until then Happy dreams, xoxo