Hi Everyone,

Early tomorrow morning, we will hear about the insurance decision as well as more information regarding the Muscle Block procedure. Regardless of the outcome, Corey continues showing us her agenda. How unlike her!

I’m not sure what she accomplished in the gym today, but it was evident she was working hard tonight! Corey and I were chatting when she was motioning with her mouth as is if she was trying to formulate words. Her concentration was intense. I’d ask her ‘what are you trying to say’? Her breathing changed. She was forcing the breath from the base of her throat. Trying to encourage her, I replied, ‘I can hear you’. Touching her neck I directed her, ‘Try to put a sound behind the breath’.

And then it came; barely audible, yet distinctive; a quiet little hum that lasted a few seconds. ‘I hear you, tell me’. I matched Corey’s pitch with my voice, exhaling an elongated “Hi”. She mimicked me and she replied with a longer, stronger hum. Laura and Nick were caring for Corey’s roommate as this exchange was taking place. We continued, alternating our salutations. As the game progressed, Corey’s hum increased in volume and length until Nick called past the curtain asking, ‘was that Corey’? Indeed it was!

It is an exhausting process for her to concentrate and execute a particular response. That didn’t stop our girl tonight. She was pushing herself…actually her left leg to be precise.

Corey’s leg braces come off at 8pm. Truly my most favorite part of the day; I love to watch her foot enjoy its new found freedom! Tonight, she decided it was time the left foot get into motion. However, she knew it was going to need a little help. Corey placed her right toes under her left heal. Using the strength from her right leg, she raised the left leg straight up about a foot off the bed. Her right toes slipped from her heal and the left leg dropped to the bed. Corey was not accepting that. She repeated the motion a second time with the same result. Unacceptable in her book! She took the right foot and began rubbing the left as if to stimulate the motion with massage. Again, the right foot was determined to “wake up” the left. The left leg didn’t move independently tonight but not because of a lack of trying!

Corey you keep pushing kiddo. You will make it happen. With your determination you will get that left foot/leg moving again. I can’t wait to one day write everyone telling them that I can’t keep up with you. I can envision you running ahead of me calling out, ‘Come on Mom, we’ve got to go’…it’s just a matter of time. Tonight, this vision will be part of my happy dreams, xoxo