Hi Everyone,

The nurses couldn’t wait to greet me tonight when I arrived. They all were ready to brag about their personal experiences with Corey today. Each one of them (as well as reports from the day crew) told stories of how Corey responded to their commands! This is very important and great news that she is responding to multiple people.

Corey finally received her muscle blocks this afternoon. If they work, her legs and feet will show increased range of motion incrementally through out the next two weeks.

We received a gift from one of my friends at work today. Cooking magazines and a new cookbook! It was a quiet night for us and the perfect setting to compare recipes! I read aloud to Corey and show her the pictures. I love to watch her eyes as she truly focuses in and looks at the book. She seemed to have a greater response to the food network magazine. This didn’t surprise me as we watch this channel frequently! I swear she recognized the chef’s and their names as I read. Last night we watched Cake Boss; it was a new episode. Buddy and his family are preparing for their new warehouse in Lackawanna and they are now sending pies via their website. Corey’s response to this show and all her favorites is amazing to see. As she watches the show, she is quiet and fixated. When the commercials come on, she is in constant motion. Reading recipes to her, she settles down. As I showed her the photographs she regains motion in her legs. I’m going to start paying attention to this nuance. I believe she’s concentrating and processing what she’s hearing.

Corey each day you’re cooking up something new, aren’t you? Whether it’s a new way to express your self or a new motion or gesture. You mix it up everyday. I’m sure that once you’re confident that you have all the right ingredients and you’ve combined them to your personal taste, it will be your finest work yet! Just like the great chef’s, you can’t be rushed. We can’t wait for you to show us your creation; it will be worth the wait!
Happy dreams, xoxo