Hi Everyone,

Today’s motivational reading is a perfect opener for this entry.

How to respond
Focus not on making judgments about what has happened. Focus on how you can respond in a positive way that will create value from the situation.

Life is always changing, and with every change comes new opportunity. Instead of fearing or fighting the changes that are already going on, look for the opportunities in them.

Be clear about what you intend for your life and your world. When you look at what’s going on around you through the filter of your intentions, you’ll see plenty of great possibilities for fulfilling those intentions.

Don’t get sidetracked worrying or arguing about who is at fault or what could have been done differently. Put your energy into making good and meaningful use of what is.

Find your comfort not in holding on to the past but in realizing that the future is yours to create as you wish. Know clearly and precisely what you want and you’ll see just how you can make use of what is, to bring about what you desire.

There is something changing right now, and in that change is valuable opportunity being born. Open your eyes, take a deep breath, put a smile on your face, and make that opportunity your own. ~ Ralph Marston

This motivational message is exactly what we need as our foundation and strength to continue pushing to keep Corey at Bryn Mawr. Our argument is NOT with Bryn Mawr. On the contrary, we want her to stay here for as long as we can! The first year of rehabilitation for a TBI patient is the most crucial. Insurance companies across the country are denying this group of individuals because the recovery can take more than a year. It’s time we collectively remind the Insurance Companies that we are paying them for services that we subscribe to. It was our “business decision” to purchase the best plans we can. Their business decision to tell us how they will spend “our” money is unacceptable.

There are a couple of avenues I’m currently pursuing. Our local NBC Channel 10 news is interested in Corey’s story. I need final permission from BM to release video of Corey’s PT session to join in the interview already filmed. I will be graphing a timeline from Corey’s accident to present day. This will document the progression of recovery to show the overall progress highlighting the recent jump in progress since the shunt has been turned on.

The timeline, USA Today’s article, Chester County Press’ article and the CarePage documents will be sent to enhance the plea to our Senators/State Representatives. A friend of mine suggested I draft a letter that all of you could Copy/Paste to send to the Senators/State Representatives. I think it’s an outstanding idea. It will also assist any of you in forwarding this story to local newspapers or Media/TV contacts.

March is Brain Injury Awareness month. I am hoping to bring this insurance story to national attention. We need your help to do it! I will post a letter for those of you who don’t feel comfortable drafting your own.

Corey we watched Ramona and Beezus tonight. I remember when we used to read the Ramona books together when you were little. I think you loved them because you were just like Ramona. As we watched all I could think about was the following story;

Our neighbor built a ramp and you were told you couldn’t ride over it because you were a baby and still had training wheels on your bike. You were furious!

You stomped home and sat at the top of the driveway to wait for your Dad to come home. He arrived and you insisted on taking the training wheels off to learn how to ride a big girl bike immediately! Tutoring took less than an hour and you took off…down a hill…to the neighbors house. You rode up their driveway, onto the ramp, jumped off the ramp, landed and looked at the neighbor confidently stating, “I’m NOT a baby”. Then you walked your bike home…

You have always been a fighter Corey. There is a reason you survived this accident. The theme of the movie was ‘there is something better coming, it just hasn’t happened yet’. You are getting better everyday. Slow but sure, it’s starting to happen. Everyday you prove you are NOT a quitter. You have so many people that are behind you ready to help you get the best care available! We have wonderful opportunities to look forward to! So tomorrow, get on that bike and show them what you’ve got kiddo! XOXO