Hi Everyone,

When I was in the 7th grade, I studied for my confirmation within the Catholic religion. Mrs. Grady was my religion teacher. This was my favorite sacrament because this is when my understanding of something spiritual started. The sacrament of Confirmation is to understand, accept and receive the Holy Spirit in your everyday life. The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity and gives us strength. The Trinity is a difficult concept for a 12 year old to understand.

Mrs. Grady explained it further. “God is 3 people, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is a fancy name for Best Friend”. “We are 3 people too; someday you’ll be parents, you are sons/daughters and each of you is a best friend to someone”.

“Prayer is a way to talk to your best friend. You don’t have to say the words you memorized. You can talk to God just like you would normally with anyone here on earth”. “Receiving Confirmation is a way to say to God, will you be my best friend and can I call you everyday?” “Just like your best friend, He wants to share your happy times, sad times, frustrations and even better; He will always listen when you’re angry”.

My prayers changed after that class. I was no longer intimidated by something that seemed so ominous. I was given permission to have a relationship with something higher and to grow within it. I began to have conversations with God.

Currently, I sell to hospitals throughout the Philadelphia area. Each day, I deliberately stop into the meditation room or chapel. Most times I sit there with no thoughts or conversation; just silence. Prayer has been difficult for me over the last 5 months. It feels desperate. I find myself begging and it’s uncomfortable. Sitting with my best friend in silence has helped with the discomfort.

Today I started a conversation and we talked about Corey. I asked so many questions! As I sat there I knew that I was incapable of hearing the answers…but someday I would. Again, this is a difficult concept for an adult to understand let alone accept. Our quiet time came to an end but not without asking Him to help Corey find her voice, walk, talk, and laugh, but what I really wanted was for “her” to come back to us. It couldn’t hurt to ask…

The Doctors started a new medication two days ago to counter act the drowsiness of the second seizure medication. It’s working! She was not only bright and alert tonight, but Brian, Corey’s day nurse, reported that this is the first day he’s seen Corey so responsive. In fact, he was working on new commands with her. He had success with “show me the peace sign”. We always try to expand on what the day crew works on so I tried it myself tonight; “Corey, show me what you did for Brian today”. At first I got thumbs up. Then I said, “No, you did something else, show me”. Sure enough; two fingers popped right up! Corey, Its God’s “wink”! Of all days, today is the day you show me the peace sign!

So what’s our inspirational message for the day?
Calm your thoughts, quiet your mind, and breathe in the serenity that is now. Relax, and feel the peaceful stillness. Worry and fear are nothing more than distant illusions. In this moment, be at peace. Experience the calm, confident, positive energy. Be at peace. Happy dreams honey, xoxo