Hi Everyone,
Today was filled with surprises! I had an early meeting with Corey’s case manager. She stated, ‘I don’t know what branch of the tree you shook, but Blue Cross is looking and asking for Corey’s team and progress notes!’ Frankly, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but at least they are showing an interest. Bryn Mawr is asking for an extension until 4/6. We don’t have a confirmed approval as of this evenings post. Keep your fingers crossed.

The team reports are all positive. Corey’s CRS score remains at a 15 but her response time is increasing. She is definitely brighter, more alert, visually tracking to mid-line, crossing to the left as well as tracking from left to right.

The therapy team noticed my signs for YES and NO and have been using them in the gym. Corey is responding correctly to the cards consistently. Because Corey is responding so well to Yes and No, they started testing her with colors. She is 65% accurate for differentiating yellow/green and blue/red! This is a great sign…she remembers colors!

PT is also trying to get Corey standing and walking. On the tilt table, considered assisted standing, she is at 50 degrees for 20 minutes now. She is also standing with maximum support. Two to three therapists assisted her to walk 20 feet this week. Her Left leg is still locked however; her right leg has partial movement. The team manipulates her lower extremities to try to help her with the walking motion.

We closed a good day with a visit from Shelly and JohnPaul! Corey was bright and responsive to her brother and best friend. JohnPaul asked Corey to reach out to hold his hand and Corey not only reached forward, she unclenched her hand to grasp his! She never took her eyes off him. Watching them was not only touching, but a privilege to witness their interaction and connection.

Corey, I know every skill you once had seems as if it’s beyond your ability today. What was once comfortable is now unknown to you. Don’t be discouraged. There are more things you can do and higher levels you can reach. They may seem a little intimidating from where you are now, but soon it will seem comfortable and familiar again.

Everything is unknown but if you continue to push yourself a little bit beyond where you are today, you will be amazed at what you will achieve beyond anything you could have previously imagined. Look at what you’ve already overcome! Beyond what you know you can do, beyond your comfort zone, there a thousand surprises waiting for you. Go for it Corey! Happy dreams, xoxo