Hi Everyone,

When I arrived at the hospital tonight, Corey was in her new wheelchair. It’s not the car she wanted but she’s got new wheels! It’s custom, very techno and flatters her eyes; it’s got a blue frame!

She had an extremely busy day and was exhausted by the time we got there. John stayed with Corey as I ran home to meet a dear friend that is helping me sort through the pile of medical bills! What a gift to have the help to weed through and make sense of something that can be nonsensical!

Speaking of friends…we’ve lived in our community for 20 years now. I am so incredibly grateful for all of our friends. I’m especially overwhelmed by all of those community members we’ve never met. So many have reached out to help us in any way they can! Often times when a tragedy occurs, the support is strong initially but will eventually wane. We are so grateful that the reverse has happened for us; in fact our circle of supporters keeps growing. Amazing is an understatement!

Our own “New London Extreme Makeover” local edition is on for this Saturday and Sunday. Corey’s “other mother’s” will be sitting with her at the hospital both days so I can be home with our volunteers. For those of you that can help, I will be with Corey in the morning’s in therapy but then will run home to let everyone in. Saturday’s start time is 1:30pm. Sunday’s start time is 3:30.

I have to be honest with you; it made me sad to see your new wheelchair. As cool as it is and as grateful as I am that it is customized to your body, I’m sad it’s not the car you wanted. I left the hospital to come home but sat in my car and cried for quite awhile before I could pull away. Sometimes I have to let it all out.

On the drive home I kept thinking everyone has disappointments, setbacks, bad breaks and frustrations. Sometimes it seems that they all come at once. Sometimes those challenges cause us to feel stuck. If we’re not careful, we’ll start to see the negative side of everything, and that is certainly no way to live.

At the end of everyday, we have to look back at what was positive. Count our blessings. There are so many good things about life, and too often we take them for granted. I am thankful for our home and the skilled volunteers that will make this renovation happen. Our home is going to be a little different but thank goodness we can redesign the living space to accommodate your needs without needing a major addition. I’m grateful for the donations and the fundraisers! I’m thankful for the volunteers that have generously stepped forward to help us on both fronts. We can not do this alone. I’m especially thankful for our family and circle of friends. The little ways people help truly is appreciated more than can be expressed in words. Honey, it’s amazing to think of all the people who love you and care about you.

So kiddo, if you’re feeling sad, in a funk or just like you’ve had enough already; Re-direct your negative energy and frustrations towards what should matter more…all the people in our lives that share their talents, love, friendship and support! Things are as negative or as positive as we make them. Adjust our attitude and we’ll keep rollin’ forward. Happy dreams, xoxo