Hi Everyone,

It was a busy evening. When I arrived tonight I met with Corey’s team to discuss discharge plans. I still have my appeal and I am waiting to be assigned a date, but I did get an update.

Corey continues to communicate via hand signals; her responses are consistent and immediate. She has started to “bridge” when the staff asks her to lift her hips, although she does not elevate her hips just yet. PT reported that Corey is standing with maximum assistance with two therapists. She continues in the EZ stand and Tilt Table for her ankle stretches. She has been improving in her gate training. Gate training is walking. She needs two therapists and a tech to assist her. She lifts her right leg, however she still requires the therapist to move her left leg. OT continues basic grooming; reaching, grasping her brush and towel. She doesn’t have the strength in her upper right arm to lift her arm independently, but with assistance she does make the motions to wash her face, brush her teeth. Corey continues to improve on her head, neck, torso and hip control.

Speech has seen the most significant cognitive development. Corey is responding to the YES/NO commands without the cards and prompting. She responds consistently to situational questions; the questions that have to do with her immediate environment.
Psychology reported she has reached and is maintaining a CRS score of 16. She is moving/reaching for objects. She is 75% accurate for discerning color and object differentials. So far, there is no vocalization other than a hum during transfer.

I trained extensively on the Hoyer lift tonight. We also used a reclining shower chair.
As Corey and I settled in for the evening we had a little talk. I’ve noticed she’s been getting upset when we speak about going home.

Corey the changes in our home are temporary. They are there to help you right now. They are not permanent and will change as you change, heal, grow stronger and continue to develop your skills. You seem very frustrated when we speak. I know you are trying to express yourself. I can’t hear you yet but I will keep trying to understand. I can sympathize with feeling as if you’re speaking, at times screaming, and no one can hear you. I’m not sure if you’re nervous about being home, seeing friends, leaving the hospital or concerned about working with new therapists and nurses? Whatever the reasons, you have legitimate concerns.

The one assurance I can give you is that you are getting stronger and healthier. You can’t see the changes you’ve made. It’s our job to keep pointing them out and reminding you of what you’ve overcome. Watching your progress is where we get our confidence. You will gain the same overtime. For now just concentrate on your determination. Your inner drive will continue to push you to new levels you didn’t know you had. It’s all going to come together honey, try to be patient…xoxo