Hi Everyone,

Tonight was a very special night! Corey’s girlfriends called to ask if they could run up for a quick visit. They had something for me and Corey. When they arrived they were holding a wrapped package with a card attached. It was actually a card and gift from Corey to me for Mother’s Day. Needless to say I began to cry and I hadn’t even opened anything yet. I opened the card first and had to read it twice because I couldn’t see the words the first time!

Then it was time for my gift. Apparently, last weekend when I ran into the city to see Caitlin and JohnPaul the girls were plotting. Claire and Danielle work at our local Hallmark store (one of my most favorite places…whenever I have a bad day, I find the nearest Hallmark store and read all the funny cards to get myself back on track! There’s nothin’ like a Hallmark card to cheer you up)

Hallmark has a new series of magnetic “inspirational word” wall hangings. The girls brought Corey the selection and via Thumb Up approval, Corey made her selection. She chose the word BELIEVE.

I tearfully turned to Corey and teased her; “it figures, the first day in 7 months that I wore make up and you made me cry”. She smiled. I added, “Leave it to you to figure out how to go out shopping”! She began to giggle and gave me a thumb up.

What a wonderful gift. What a wonderful message. Corey, remember when we were in the family room, (about 3 years ago), discussing why you can’t believe your Mom? You sarcastically commented, “Mom’s have to say things that really aren’t true, because that’s a Mom’s job”. I told you that night that Mom’s Always Believe, Love and Encourage that’s what Mom’s do. That night, you changed my name in your cell phone address book from Mom to MABLE.

I do believe in you Corey! I believe in the strong, determined, independent, spirited, never back down, in your face, confident woman that you are. You can do anything you set your mind to. I have always believed in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself…That’s really what Mom’s do!

Thank you for my Mother’s day gift. What a great word! xoxo