Hi Everyone,

We can blame the “early morning post” on my sister…not MaryAnn, she left this morning. My sister Louise surprised me this afternoon by coming down from NY to stay overnight. Both my sisters haven’t seen the changes to the house. Since we no longer have a dinette table, we just spent the last 5 hours sitting on the kitchen counter talking and laughing.

One of the topics we were laughing at was a story Louise told Corey about her son Danny. Danny was playing Lacrosse. One of his best friends is a receiver. His name is Henry Buck. Danny was trying to get Henry’s attention to pass the ball. He’d bang the lacrosse stick down and repeatedly call out Henry’s last name. There were several parents on the sideline that didn’t quite hear Danny clearly and thought he was chanting an interjection rather than Henry’s last name…We were less discrete with Corey and she not only smiled, she began to laugh at this story!

Louise hasn’t seen Corey in a little more than a month. The girls went out to the goose pond, went for a long walk and looked through magazines (cooking and fashion). Louise was surprised at how responsive Corey is. We even worked with Coreys laser pen tonight.

It’s always good for me to see Corey’s progress through another person’s eyes. So often we lose sight of what is happening day in and day out. It can be very helpful to have others come in and try to push Corey to reach heights that sometimes would be a limitation if suggested by those that are too familiar.

So kiddo, no limitations! You have full permission to allow any opportunity to express yourself…how often do hear that?!?! Seriously Corey, you’re doing so well. Keep pushing. Happy dreams, xoxo