Hi Everyone,

We had a good day but Corey did not like the heat! We’re going to have to be very careful. When you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury you lose your ability to regulate your body’s temperature. We were only outside for about 15 minutes when it was evident that Corey needed to go back inside.

It’s not officially summer yet but with the heat it’s natural we would be thinking of the beach and swimming. I asked the nurses about Corey swimming and doing aqua therapy. I was concerned with the feeding tube getting infected from the public water. We learned that we can use a colostomy bag. It is a small pouch that the tube fits in and it is then sealed to the body with a sticky adhesive. Once that is applied, she’s ready for a swim party…the only thing left is finding a cute lifeguard to pick her up and carry her into the pool.

Caitlin came out to visit tonight. It’s amazing to see Corey’s demeanor change in an instant as soon as the kids walk in. Caitlin had us laughing all night! We also showed the girls Corey’s IPad and some of the apps we are beginning to find. One of the apps is a game with a xylophone. Corey was about 40% accurate when she and I were working, but when Caitlin came in Corey was 100% accurate and following Caitlin’s commands and then some! I was shocked. Caitlin was getting Corey to respond better than anyone could have imagined.

Corey it was so good to watch you with your sister tonight honey. Each day you’re getting stronger. It is evident by the new motions and responses that you’re ready to take off! Two more days’ kiddo…xoxo