Hi Everyone, Today was a very busy day for Corey. The Blue Cross therapy is wrapping up this week for OT/ST and next week for PT. The district therapists have begun their visits for evaluation. Today everyone arrived! Insurance and district PT/OT and the insurance ST came for therapy. Corey had 5 sessions of work! When I arrived home she was still full of energy. Her day nurse was amazed that Corey was bright, alert and didn’t need to rest. She reported that when it was time to rest between sessions; Corey wanted no part of her bed for a rest period. She swung her legs to the side of the bed and wanted to pull herself up. She is definitely letting us know what she wants to do!! The nurse reported that Corey was standing, holding that posture for longer periods, taking steps, working with ST to draw straight lines and circles, was outside wheeling herself on the driveway (the incline was definitely a deterrent) and she continues to try to open her left hand using her right. Tonight she was exhausted but so happy she was busy. Corey I know you were tired tonight but there is nothing more gratifying than falling asleep because you’ve put in a full productive day. I love the saying; ‘incredible accomplishments are regularly achieved on the other side of adversity’. You are proving this to be true. Keep going; each new step will make you stronger. Keep pushing yourself. Everyday you are making great strides. Your stamina continues to impress me! Your determination inspires me! I will continue to follow your example. Sleep well honey. Happy dreams, xoxo