Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. Her nurse and coach were working on vocalizing. I received a call from them to listen in. The command was to ‘Yell at Mom’…most of what I initially heard was heavy breathing as Corey was trying and then it was followed by a sound. I’m sure she’s building quite a monologue!

We had an evening appointment with the Gastroenterologist. He was very pleased with Corey’s feeding tube site, placement and function. He gave us a name of a nutritionist to speak with. We want to make sure Corey is getting the proper water intake as well as have someone watch her calorie intake. At the moment, he’d prefer to wait on the swallowing test. He feels it is too soon. He’d like to see Corey vocalizing more as well as develop a stronger swallowing reflex before we begin trying any food or water at this point.

Tonight we had a girl’s night. Shelly joined us for our typical summer evening activities. In addition to playing ball on the back deck, Corey pointed to the back rail. We pushed her over and sure enough, she used the railing to pull herself up to look out at the neighbors. I called out on her behalf to gain their attention. Corey released her grasp and raised her hand to wave. Needless to say, they came running to celebrate her standing. We closed the evening with a walk and movie.

Corey rest well sweetie. Each day you keep pushing your self. You deserve the accolades our friends share! Keep pushing yourself…that is the reason you are making the daily achievements happen. Happy dreams xoxo