Hi Everyone,

It was a busy day for Corey. The nurse reported progress in PT for both the school therapist and BC therapist. The speech therapist added another 20 words that Corey was able to pronounce.

My favorite time of day is immediately after the nurse leaves for the day. Corey and I usually sit in the kitchen and “chat”. Prior to the accident, we would do this most nights.

Tonight I read her mail. Aunt K wrote her a letter. After reading aloud, I asked Corey what she wanted to do next. Her response; “write K”. That’s exactly what we did. Corey wrote her first letter. I can’t wait for Kay to read it!

Corey loved getting mail. She and Caitlin would correspond back and forth multiple times a week. Caitlin still sends her multiple letters a week. Corey also loved to send her college friends care packages. She would bake and send brownies and cookies. In October, she’d make, buy and send candied apples from the Candy Store. She was a great pen pal. Corey’s girlfriends promised to send their new college addresses and now that I know she wants to write back, we’ll take some time to answer at least one letter a night. On weekends we’ll get back to baking and include her letters in a few care packages too!

Corey, we’re going to be busy! I had so much fun watching you write Aunt Kay and chatting as we sat in the kitchen. I love spending time with you, xoxo