To all our Local Friends,

Normally the registration for emergency services is posted on the local township website. Evidently Corey’s carepage is more popular than the township website and inquiries have come in to find out how people can registrer their loved ones. The local emergency coordinator has called and asked to post the following. Please forward to whomever you know that may require registration for emergency services. This includes the elderly family members we know and love.

Avon Grove High School will open as an evacuation center beginning at 3pm today if anyone needs shelter.

Thanks for sharing this link:

Each person has to set themselves up as a new user. After that they will be
asked to complete
a survey. The initial part of the survey is to identify the person with special
needs – a series
of checkboxes to choose from, and there’s also a free-form ‘other info’ field as
After that the person will enter their information and contact details.

All of the information entered is private, and is available ONLY to Emergency
Officials that have an explicit need-to-know. They will use this information to
identify special
evacuation requirements should it become necessary. It is also made available
(in a general sense)
to EMS/Fire units in the event of a disaster or Fire-related emergency at the

Lastly, if there is someone you know with special needs, you can register for
them — either
because they do not want to self-identify, or because they don’t have access or
the capability.

Thanks again – be safe, and stay dry!