Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day today. She is still dealing with increased reflux but hopefully that will resolve it self with the added dosage. I have noticed that Corey tires more easily since her seizure last Thursday. She will also sleep for a short period twice a day, that’s a behavior that truly is out of character. When Corey wakes up, she’ll rally but doesn’t maintain her stamina quite the way she did before Thursday. I’m sure this is temporary. The Energizer Bunny doesn’t stop for long!

In PT Gillian had Corey on the matte “kneel standing”. When she would tire, she’d lean against a large exercise ball and rock. I think she and Gillian are creating a new position for Yoga. She did an amazing job transferring to the matte, rolling to her left side, assisting us by pushing her upper body up with her right arm to a sitting posture. Corey was so happy during PT. This was a new exercise and Corey felt “normal”. It felt like the exercises she’d do in the gym. In fact, she surprised Gillian by occasionally kicking out her right leg to a full extension and then lifting her straightened leg. She’d then swing her leg right to left, bend the knee and pull it in towards the ball. Gillian laughed at Corey controlling the session and choosing the exercises she wanted to do.

Corey you were more like yourself today than I’ve seen you in quite awhile. I’m so proud of you for taking control of your therapy. Once again, we will follow your lead kiddo. You know what you need, what you want to try and when you want to try it. I have to admit, I’m not surprised. This behavior has been evident since you were a baby!
Don’t settle, keep pushing and you’ll continue to get what you want Corey…full recovery! Happy dreams, xoxo