Hellooo friends! I’m writing to you tonight because my mother has been trapped under something heavy and is unable to post. Or she is relaxing? No, that can’t be it.

FIRST, thank you all for helping me raise moolahhhh for Corey with the comedy fundraiser. I had so much fun. I feel satisfied and inspired by the overwhelming support of our friends, family, and community (that’s you). SECOND let’s talk some more about fundraising. Raising money is essential to support Corey’s recovery. HOWEVER, I wanted to brainstorm for a moment other ways we could spend Corey’s money . . . and of course also help Corey . . .


Theme Park: to be located in surrounding woods near house. Would feature roller-coasters, log flumes, and the first ever Blue Cross Punching Booth. Annual firework displays on both July 4th and October 13th for national holiday celebrations. Featuring full scale Wawa World, as park’s food court. Qualified roller-coaster engineers and operators please apply directly to Caitlin Beattie, Senior Vice Pres. Corey Beattie Fundraising Committee.

Large Swimming Pool: to be located directly behind house. Open to entire community. Private swimming lane reserved for Corey’s personal use. Swimsuit optional. Life guard positions still available for the Summer 2012 Season.

Tiger: for protection against stray dogs, burglary, and/or pre-teen pranksters.

Elephant: for protection against tiger.

I-MAX theater: to be located in living room. Screenings of Corey’s favorite movies and movies that I film about myself. Also could be utilized to promote other fundraising efforts, capitalizing by selling tickets to screenings. Still seeking information on “finding” movies off “the back of trucks”. Please contact me personally with any tips. Include alias for security purposes.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. If you have any ideas that you wish to share about how we can spend Corey’s money (and still benefit her) feel free to contact me on my professional e-mail.

Thank you for your help thus far. Can you believe all that Corey has accomplished in a year? Let’s keep this ball rolling!

Sleep tight.

Caitlin xoxo