Hi Everyone,

On the days I’m on the road, our therapists write Corey’s progress notes in a communication log for me. It’s fun to come home and read what Corey worked on. Today’s progress note from our school OT was outstanding and I decided to transfer the note verbatim.

Today Corey accurately wrote her age, birthday, month, day (with hint) and year (with hint). I asked her how she was feeling and she wrote, “Happy life is good”…WOW!

We practiced typing – she indicated that she wanted to write/type her name. She found the C O R and needed verbal cues for the E Y. She practiced her last name. She found the B on her own, required verbal cues for E A (to the left) and found T (T) on her own and I E with 2 verbal prompts. She “told” me she wanted to type “hi” which she did, than we practiced “home”. I asked her if she wanted to be done or type more. She wrote “type I love typing”.

I wrote the word CHEF on the white board and told her I wanted to try typing this word without any verbal hints – just visual hints. I showed her the word, underlined the first letter then asked her to find it. She did! NO VERBAL HINTS! I crossed out the first letter, than underlined the second. I asked her to find it. She did! She needed a couple (3-4) hints to “look” left and at the keyboard to find E and when she did I crossed it out and underlined the last letter, which she found on her 2nd try; Awesome!

I asked her about the race from two weeks ago – “what were your cousins and friends doing”? ~ “running” “where were you”? ~ “Philadelphia” (No Abbreviation!) That was the first time she was able to recall something that happened in the short term without hints!

She was great today!!!

Way to go Corey! Facebook and Texting are next! I’m so proud of you, xoxo