Hi Everyone,

Our nurse reported that Corey had a few episodes of agitation today. They have lessoned; however, as she continues to struggle with expressing herself she still responds inappropriately with scratching, hitting and biting. We work through those moments staying calm and trying to talk her through it to “tell” us what she needs. We have to believe it will eventually happen; just as the bruises will fade and heal. PATIENCE!

Christiana Hospital is one of my accounts. I had an appointment in the Maternity Unit which is adjacent to 2A, the Trauma ICU. I also had an opportunity to visit with friends on 2B. Karissa was moved to Christiana late last night. Her parents, Carla and Kevin and I were reunited in the same wing Corey was in this time last year. Karissa needs your prayers, as do Carla, Kevin and their other two children. She fell back into a coma as a result of the bacterial meningitis. She did squeeze their hand today and can move her toes but has been unresponsive to commands. Carla and Kevin are not from this area but I assured them that I am completely confident that they were in the best possible place for Karissa.

It felt strange to be in the same halls again. I looked into the windows of the family waiting rooms with a heavy heart for all the family members looking back at me. I recognized what was behind their stoic faces.

I had appointments throughout the hospital however it was the impromptu meetings that surprised me the most! As I walked the halls of 2A, 2B and the Surgical Suite I passed several Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Nurses and the Hospital Social Worker. In some cases I would recognize their faces and in others I knew their full names. I felt intimidated to say anything thinking these professionals would think I was crazy; a total stranger stopping them to say, “excuse me, do you remember me”? That concern was unfounded. As they walked towards their destination they glanced at me, gave the polite smile most strangers exchange in passing but then stopped me to confirm; “You’re Corey’s Mom”! I was stunned. Each wanted to hear about Corey’s progress. They were overjoyed with the updates. What a testament to these individuals that they would not only recognize a face from a year ago, they were so connected to their patient that they remembered her name and her family a year later!

The joke in our family has always been that Caitlin and Corey didn’t have a name of their own…they were always JohnPaul’s little sister. The girl’s actually loved it but would tease him that they lived in the shadow of their ‘celebrity’ older brother. Caitlin and JohnPaul live in Philadelphia a few blocks from each other. They attended separate colleges but have come to share the same circle of friends. Caitlin had the opportunity to bring JohnPaul into her circle and he then became Caitlin’s brother. Corey also established her individuality her sophomore, junior and beginning of her senior year (once Caitlin and JohnPaul had graduated from HS). JohnPaul picked Corey up from track one day and was referred to as Corey’s brother. I am the 7th of 8 children. I’m used to being introduced as “the little sister of…” but I must say, the greatest feeling of pride comes from being greeted as “JohnPaul, Caitlin or Corey’s Mom”! xoxo