Hi Everyone,

Today was the best day of the weekend. Corey’s congestion has not moved to her lungs and her chest sounds clear and today is the first day she didn’t complain of mouth pain. I’m relieved and grateful that things appear to be improving a little bit, thank goodness!

Two of Corey’s girlfriends were home from college this weekend. Elaine and Lexie visited for several hours. I like to give the girls time alone to gossip and hang out, so I took the opportunity to start cleaning out the garage from the renovation. My favorite part of the afternoon was hearing Corey laugh through the garage door! Tonight Corey had another visitor via skype, Danielle called. We visited for over an hour. Corey’s friends will be coming home for thanksgiving break soon. They are all checking in via facebook and text to see when they can visit. Corey’s friends are the friends that are described by a Hallmark writer; they love her for the good, bad or ugly. Their bond is her energy; she lights up when they call and visit.

Friends and family are a necessity of life. They are as vital as oxygen is to breathing! When times are good friendship is filled with laughter and joy. When times are hard that’s when friendship truly defines itself. When a friend is hurting, you don’t have to put together the perfect combination of words to let that person know you care. All you must do is speak from the heart. When there is a challenge, a friend doesn’t find it’s necessary to come up with a perfect solution. But they often help find the direction towards an effective resolution just by listening and allowing you to hear yourself talk out loud. A friend says what needs to be said but sometimes not what you wanted to hear. They allow you to feel safe to reveal yourself.

I had an opportunity to visit with one such friend this weekend. She commented that she could never begin to understand what life has been like for our family this year but as an outsider looking in; Corey’s progression, the outpouring of friendship from the community, the healing and inspiration that Corey’s story has generated for everyone, to her, seems “perfectly orchestrated”. She sees Corey’s journey as a play. The cast of characters that have come from behind the scenes to help, the friends that continue to support her as well as Corey’s ability to reach an audience with her strength, character and determination keeps my friend inspired. She is so excited to see the finale!

Corey this year certainly hasn’t been as uplifting as a musical and I’m not sure that we’re close to intermission; but I am looking forward to the happy ending when we can all give a standing ovation as we watch you stand, walk and give your acceptance speech of gratitude as you begin to live the life that you’ve scripted for yourself! Bravo, xoxo