Hi Everyone,

Corey had a tough day. Her discomfort didn’t allow her to fully participate in OT or Speech. She had a mid-day shower and that seemed to help with her afternoon PT session. By 4:30 she was sound asleep! We have noticed that Corey is sleeping more this week than she normally does. I’m going to take that as part of a new healing phase (I hope).

Corey woke up at 8pm ready to party! I was teasing her that she was “Miss Party Pants” all bright eyed and ready to go. It is Friday night after all! I asked Corey what she wanted to do. She wrote Eat! She was hungry and thirsty. We tried some homemade applesauce given to us from my girlfriend. Corey was making “happy noises” humming as she chewed and swallowed. It was adorable. She didn’t do as well with a sip of water (thinner consistencies are more difficult to swallow) but she is making the effort. Her interest in food is intense and we’re very conscious NOT to eat in front of her. If we do she leans forward, extends her hand, she opens her mouth and gestures like a baby bird wanting mama bird to feed her. I was trained by my mother. Eleven for dinner was nightly event! As a result, I learned to feed people…those big blue eyes of Corey’s pull at my heart strings and I want to give her whatever I’ve got in the house! It’s so hard to be patient and try to explain to her that her body is not quite ready to jump up to the buffet yet.

To distract her I pulled out the laptop and keyboard to try to work on her typing skills. She typed “sing” on the keyboard. DONE! We had our own Karaoke night. I set the laptop up on her bed tray. I put on Pandora for back round music and went to Google to search for the lyrics to the songs we chose to sing. It was quite a party! I gave Corey a wooden spoon to use as her microphone. As she sang, she’d kick her foot to the beat and I danced around the room. I’m thinking we might enter America’s funniest home videos…there’s a very good chance we’ll win the 100,000!

Corey I had a lot of fun with you tonight. I hope you feel better over the weekend. Your girlfriend’s are starting to arrive home for thanksgiving break and they can’t wait to see you. Your dance card is starting to fill up. Maybe that’s just what you need to get your mind off the daily pain you feel. There’s nothing better than a visit from your BFF’s to make you feel better! Happy dreams honey, xoxo