Hi Everyone,

Poor Corey is still having a rough ride. We had to cancel speech and PT today to schedule an appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. Corey was up at 4am with more mouth issues. Dr. W was in surgery so we saw Dr. D. I was happy to get her in today! Thrush is nasty! Dr. D explained that it’s similar to a virus and unfortunately it has to run its course. Dr. D has his own version of Magic Mouthwash that we are hoping will help with Corey’s pain. His cocktail contains Nystatin among other ingredients that may help not only soothe her tongue but heal some of the swelling around the taste buds. Corey finds relief biting on a face towel. Dr. D asked that we change it from cotton terrycloth to a simple cotton cloth. Fortunately, I had one of JohnPaul’s undershirts at home. I cut the shirt into squares and Corey seems to find it more comfortable. We will follow up in two weeks unless the new mouthwash doesn’t help in which case he’ll see her right away for Plan D, E, F, G…we’ll keep trying until we get rid of this thing!

In the meantime, Dr. D sees no reason to postpone the swallow study tomorrow. Corey will take a baseline study at the hospital. From my understanding, this will be the procedure.

The study is done in the radiology department. We will meet Diane at the Hospital along with the radiologist, radiology technician and a respiratory technician. Corey will stay in her wheelchair next to an x-ray machine. Diane will give her different drinks (with varied consistencies) mixed with barium. Barium makes the liquid show up on the x-ray. Barium is not harmful and won’t stay in her body for too long. She will excrete it naturally. The x-ray machine is only turned on as she swallows so she won’t get too much radiation.

Diane will ask her to do different things during the test. She may even try soft foods with Corey along with thin and thick liquids. She will give Corey a variation of small and large portions. She will be asked to move her head in different positions but always asked to tuck her chin to her chest as she swallows so she doesn’t choke. The test might be recorded so it can be compared to future studies.

What happens after the test? We’ll find out together…I’m assuming that we’ll get the results immediately, we’ll be counseled as to what foods and liquids are the safest for Corey to begin trying, as well as how to eat them and we may start swallowing therapy.

This is another very big step for Corey’s progress! Keep your fingers crossed that she sleeps through the night and wakes up feeling well enough to keep the appointment. Happy dreams…I hope! xoxo