Hi Everyone,

Today was the usual post seizure day. Corey was complaining of headaches (which is normal) but ibuprophen is a wonderful invention and seemed to give her relief! We went to see Dr. Brown for a follow up visit. Corey is healthy in every regard including clear lungs. Her aspiration from the seizure does not appear to be causing any respiratory issues.

Dr. Brown sent her for blood work to check her levels for her 3 seizure medications plus we had the ENT’s orders filled for the vitamin deficiency checks. Corey had more blood than we thought…12 viles worth!

I was cared for today as well; a mental health visit from my friends/colleagues from the office. We had a great time visiting and Corey loved meeting my friends. Much to our surprise, the office bought Corey presents for Christmas. In addition to gift cards for Itunes (so she can continue to sing and dance), the Gap (new clothes are always on the list) they also gave her some exercise accessories for PT. Now she’s really equipped to work out and build those AB’s of steel! They also brought a small polar bear that we’re going to call Herman (short for Herman Miller our parent company) Tonight when I tucked Corey in she had Dedema bear on her left and Herman on her right. I think Jade, (JohnPaul’s cat that sleeps with Corey) will be jealous there’s a new furry creature to cuddle with now. Thank you so much to my Spectrum Friends…you guys are amazing!

Corey the unexpected will happen when we least expect it. We will adapt. Complications will arise. We will work through them. There will be setbacks but somehow you always manage to let them make you more determined. Life will be filled with ups and downs, we will move forward and just as quickly be pushed back; but we will pick ourselves up and take each moment as it comes whatever it may bring. Your girlfriend posted a wonderful phrase on facebook that describes you perfectly.

‘Nothing is impossible because the word actually spells I’M POSSIBLE’.

Happy dreams honey, xoxo