Hi Everyone,

Today was a busy day. We love our weekend nurse Melissa. She’s becoming apart of our family. Melissa and I work with Corey to supplement her therapies so Corey continues to get 3 hours a day of PT/OT/ST even on the weekend.

As I mentioned, we have speech homework while Diane is on vacation. Melissa, Corey and I had a great time creating a game using her language books sheets. We’ve mentioned some of what Diane works on with Corey but we thought we’d share some specific examples.

The category was slang phrases; complete the expressions (Corey correctly answered 16 out of 20)

Her condition is improving by leaps and ________
I’ll get through this come hell or ______
There’s nothing I can do so I might as well grin and ______
Face a problem; take the bull by the _____
Make trouble; rock the _____

Sound easy…now try these (Melissa and I were stumped on a few. Corey answered 15 out of 20) Name a word that can follow both words to make a phrase

Junk and Back ___
Razor and Shoulder____
Peer and Oil ____
Salad and Handle ____
Peanut and Sea ____

Melissa and I have decided, after calculating Corey’s score which was higher than ours, we definitely don’t want to play the game ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader’; so into the Living Room we went for some PT. We played a little volleyball and soccer. We watched Corey lift her left arm and try to kick her left leg! It was very exciting. We also took a short walk across the room. Corey didn’t want to use the standing frame today but we hope to set a new record tomorrow.

For those of you who live out of state, SE Pennsylvania had a beautiful spring day in January. It was in the low 60’s. Many people don’t care for the warm weather in the winter months but we loved it! We spent a few hours outside playing ball and taking down the Christmas decorations. By the time evening arrived, Corey was thoroughly exhausted.

Sleep well honey. We are looking forward to another great day. Happy dreams xoxo