Hi Everyone,

I learned a valuable lesson from yesterday’s post. DO NOT post Corey’s homework without the answers! We received many emails, texts and phone calls asking for the answer key…so here you go;

Her condition is improving by leaps and ____bounds____
I’ll get through this come hell or ___high water___
There’s nothing I can do so I might as well grin and __bare it____
Face a problem; take the bull by the __horn___
Make trouble; rock the __boat___
Junk and Back _yard__
Razor and Shoulder_blade___
Peer and Oil _pressure___
Salad and Handle _bar___
Peanut and Sea _shell___

JohnPaul came out to visit today. Corey loves it when he and Caitlin come home. We had a nice visit and it was very helpful to have him here. Corey unfortunately had a very difficult frustrating day. What I’m about to share may come across very upsetting and although it’s going to pull at our heartstrings, I am very excited by Corey’s depth of understanding and thinking.

We have been writing everyday. Her journaling is helping her express what she’s been internalizing. She has actually had a difficult three days and has been expressing herself with increased rage. When she gets upset, she repeatedly bangs her right hand on the right arm of her chair. She will hit us if we are close and she will throw whatever is in her hands. She also has begun grinding her teeth again or will bite down on the cloth in her mouth, clench her right fist, bring her left arm (hand usually clenched) towards her chest and shake.

I asked her to write down what’s wrong. ‘Frustrated at me’. Why are you frustrated? ‘I’m broken’. What’s broken? ‘My feet, legs, me’ She calmed down for a moment and appeared to be thinking. I asked what she was thinking about? ‘Crazy’ What’s crazy? ‘I can’t think’ ‘sad’ ‘bad’ ‘I’m broken’.

As I read Corey’s words and looked into her eyes as she was expressing herself I couldn’t help but look back with confidence and assurance…”you most definitely ARE NOT broken”! “Your ability to tell me what’s bothering you clearly shows that you’re thinking is more advanced. Someone that’s broken can’t express their thoughts” “If you were broken, you couldn’t open your hands, you’re opening both hands now” (she began to smile) “If you were broken you couldn’t lift your left leg in bed so your right hand could scratch an itch” (she started to giggle) “If you were broken you couldn’t stand to use the walker and walk from the front door to the kitchen” (her eyes became wider) “and if you were broken you couldn’t cook, smile, laugh, talk, give me a kiss or tell me you loved me” (she began to get excited and gave me a thumb up)

All of us get knocked down, but it’s the resiliency
that really matters…the thing that distinguishes
athletes is the ability to do well in times of great
stress, urgency and pressure. ~ Roger Staubach

Corey a boxer will tell you that it’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts, it’s how fast you can get back up. When someone is working hard towards anything worthwhile, they feel as if they are not reaching their goal fast enough.

The greatest frustration is felt when a situation is out of our control. The truth is you are in control of more than you think. You control how hard you work, how you respond and how motivated you are. Corey you must maintain your momentum. Your attitude, determination and resiliency have helped you make great strides in the last six months. Those traits will also push you to continue to achieve a stronger voice, reach for greater achievements with both hands and walk towards your future goals.

You, Corey Beattie, are definitely NOT broken! xoxo