Hi Everyone,

Corey was a little off today. She didn’t appear to be coming down with anything but she was more tired than usual and not motivated to do much. Hopefully it was just one of those days. It was 62 degrees today. Very unusual for winter but we’ll take it. Truthfully, Corey and I prefer the summer weather to winter. We made a point to get outside and enjoy the afternoon. Corey loves the sun; so do I!

A friend of mine had a sound machine she is not currently using. It has many selections such as rain, thunder, crickets etc. When I pressed each selection, I asked Corey if she could guess what the sound was. She was accurate with almost all of them. When I pressed Ocean waves and asked her what that sound was, she smiled and became excited calling it Papa. I had to laugh. My parents had a house in Avalon, NJ for years. Corey loved going to the beach and going to the Jersey shore always reminded her of them.

Tonight she was very restless and I was having trouble getting her to settle down to fall asleep. I asked her if she’d like me to turn on some music. She said yes. When I asked her which music she’d prefer; soundscapes (cable) or soft jazz (melody’s CD) her response was Papa’s music. Listening to the waves I held her hand and stroked her hair as she slowly relaxed her body and mind. She drifted off to a sound sleep. Happy dreams of the shore honey, xoxo