Hi Everyone,

I’m sure Corey’s page is not as exciting as the Super Bowl. Truthfully we chose to watch Sleepless in Seattle. Now if it were the Phillies in the World Series…I’m sure she would not only watch; she’d probably stay awake!

Corey was exhausted tonight, primarily because she was a party girl today with JohnPaul, Caitlin and their friend Megan visiting. We had a fun day. The kids came out early and we had a nice long visit.

Many of you know Caitlin personally. For those of you who don’t know her, she is a riot! She reminds me of Tracey Ullman or a female Robin Williams. I love Tracey’s characters and I used to marvel at how Robin could run with a thought making each sentence funnier than the one before it. Caitlin has the same ability.

She has created several “characters”. Ida is an older Jewish woman from Brooklyn. She and her husband own a deli and have 7 sons all named Joshua. She differentiates her boys by their individual characteristics, Fat Joshua, Smart Joshua; the youngest is Mailman Joshua (he doesn’t look like the others).

Olga is from Russia and speaks broken English. Olga called us on the ride out to visit Corey. Her accent includes a distinct dialect that includes a hard H sound and lots of V’s for W’s. “I ‘H’am on road, lots of grass, tree’s ~ no leaf. I not know Vhere I ‘H’am, see one horse, two donkey. Do not know Vhy need so much fence for two donkey”

Our kitchen is the hub of our home. It is our favorite room in the house not only because it creates amazing food but our favorite past time; sitting around the table enjoying each other’s company, conversation and laughter. Today Caitlin created a new character; Cindy Schnoobner. She is a 5th grade girl that lisps because she has a retainer. She has younger siblings; twin brothers that her parents clearly favor.

Imagine Cindy, slightly nasal with a lisp, delivers each sentence as fact without tonal inflections and she pauses between statements;
“I’m the president of Katy Perry’s fan club…for the eastern region”. “I have a signed poster of Katy Perry hanging on my wall…she signed it…‘to my #1 fan Jimmy’…I found it and crossed the name off…someday she’ll write my name on a poster”. “I hold my meetings in the garage…I’m the only member…but that saves money on the refreshment budget” “My mom say’s if I find a friend…she’ll double my budget…then I can have two cookies”.

Caitlin’s timing is impeccable when it comes to her delivery. She had us laughing so hard I had to remind Corey to breathe! JohnPaul, Megan and I were doubled over laughing so hard we were crying…even Caitlin was laughing! She was having so much fun she had a hard time staying in character.

There is no sporting event, movie or sitcom that is as entertaining as what you’ll get in our kitchen! It was a Super Sunday, xoxo