Hi Everyone,

Tonight’s entry will be short. It’s been a long week for me without nursing (Sunday, Monday and today) and Corey’s fatigue from her trip to Philadelphia yesterday lingered into today. We cancelled speech this morning and waited until the last second to get her up for PT. In fact, I had to wake her at 10:15. She worked hard for Gillian but went right back to bed after her session. This afternoon Corey met her substitute teacher. They enjoyed their session together but then it was early to bed; she didn’t even want to listen to music!

I am not alarmed by Corey’s fatigue. It’s normal behavior the day after a long travel day. She needs her rest to regain strength and stamina. This is exactly why she’s not ready for outpatient therapies just yet. As with everything, this will eventually change but for now it’s time to sleep so tomorrow we can get back to work. Happy Dreams all, xoxo