Hi Everyone,

Corey had a better day today. She seemed to roll through her frustrations a little easier than she did yesterday. Her movie has helped her during those rough moments. The first video seems like a long 4 minutes. It’s amazing to see where she came from; even I forgot what she was “really” like at that stage. The second video, also 4 minutes, seemed to fly by. I found myself wanting to watch more and I was there! We hope you all enjoyed watching her Past ~ Present progress. Can’t wait to see what’s next…

My sister Diane is visiting for the long weekend. We’re happy to have her company and help! Don’t know what our plans will be or how we’ll celebrate the long weekend but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

I’m going to sign off for the weekend. I am going to take advantage of Diane’s visit and try to take naps and go to bed early…with any luck I’ll even sleep. We hope this weekend is relaxing and enjoyable for all of you too. Happy dreams, xoxo