Hi Everyone,

Corey did very well in the swallow study; however, she did not pass liquid consistency yet. That’s okay, it’s a matter of time. Until then we still give her water through her peg tube for hydration.

Now that she’s passed soft solid foods we celebrated with Wawa macaroni and cheese (Corey’s favorite) and tonight she ate ½ an egg salad sandwich. The next thing we work on is her short term memory so remembers that she ate…we’re going to nickname her “Dori” (from Finding Nemo) if this keeps up!

This afternoon Corey had her best “walk” yet for Gillian on the back deck. Caitlin is working on a PT video of Corey that will air soon. It will definitely be worth waiting for!

All in all it’s been a good day and it’s time for sleep! Happy dreams to you all, xoxo